Work Socks Made To Last

G'day from down under!


Sick of work socks that wear out? Then you've come to the right place.


Our crew length unisex 'Max' thick, full-cushioned merino wool socks are the ultimate in comfort and durability.


The outside of the sock is a smooth knit, while on the inside the threads are pulled by terry jacks during knitting to form a loop between every stitch (like the surface of a towel) giving them a springy feel and extra air pockets for insulation - making them perfect for work and outdoor adventure.


well-formed heel, knitted to about 100o, will also ensure that the sock is well-fitted to the foot, ensuring they don't move around in your shoes, and greatly increasing the life of the socks.


Like all our socks, they're knitted on vintage machines by our 10th generation sock maker, Andrew Lindner at our factory in Crookwell Australia, using Australian grown merino wool. To learn more about our story, please click here.


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If you have mobility or circulation issues, or you are looking for socks with a looser cuff, you may also wish to try our 'Max' Loose Top socks


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