Where our story, and our socks, have been featured


Country Style Australia



Our 'Narrawa' socks in the April 2024 edition of Country Style magazine.


In July 2022 we were honoured to feature in Country Style magazine.



Better Homes and Gardens Australia, Channel 7


In June 2022 we were very lucky to have the incredible Johanna Griggs and the Better Homes and Gardens team share our story. To learn more, and view the episode, please click here.



ABC Central West, NSW, Australia 


In May 2019, ABC Central West took a look behind the scenes at our Sock Factory. To learn more, please click here.



Sydney Weekender, Channel 7, Australia



In July 2018 the wonderful Mike Whitney and the Sydney Weekender crew aired a story on our Sock Shop and Factory.



The Australian Women's Weekly



Our 'Narrawa' socks in the March 2024 edition of The Australian Women's Weekly.



Our 'Taralga' socks in the June 2023 edition of The Australian Women's Weekly



Graziher Magazine, Australia



Our 'Laggan' socks in the November/December 2022 edition of Graziher magazine. 




Our 'Laggan' socks in the Winter 2022 edition of Graziher magazine. 




Our 'Taralga' socks in the Autumn 2021 edition of Graziher magazine. 



Beyond the Bale, Australia




Our 'Stringybark' socks in Beyond The Bale magazine September 2022.
To view the article, please click here. Our 'Stringybark' socks are currently unavailable.



Good Weekend, Australia



Our 'Kiamma' socks in Good Weekend magazine June 2022.



Our 'Narrawa' socks in Good Weekend magazine August 2021.



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