Product Information FAQs



How long will my socks last? 
Unlike synthetic, mass produced socks, which wear out quickly and lose their shape, Lindner Socks are made by our tenth-generation sock maker, Andrew Lindner, using high-quality natural fibers on traditional, vintage machines before they are individually hand-finished and quality checked. 
This commitment to quality and craftsmanship ensures Linder Socks last for years, if properly cared for. For more information on what makes Lindner Socks long-lasting, please see Caring For Your Socks and Apparel. You may also wish to view our YouTube Channel.
Are the socks itchy?
No. Itchy socks can often be attributed to the fibers used. Starting from the farm, the selection and processing of natural fibers has a huge impact on your feet and the longevity of your socks.  Fibers that are not too fine, but that combine strength and comfort are the best for socks.
At Lindner Socks, we look for a fiber diameter that is strong enough to produce hard wearing socks, yet soft enough that it doesn’t cause itchiness or discomfort. For more information about what goes into our socks, please see Sock Construction.
How thick are your socks? 
Our socks come in a range of thickness and styles, including: Thick, Full Cushioned, Knee-High Thick Full-Cushioned, Medium Thickness Ribbed, Fine Knit and Ankle Socks in both Ribbed Merino Wool and Cotton. For further information, please see Sock Styles Explained.
For help choosing the correct sock style for you, please see Selecting Your Style.
Do you make kids socks? 
While our Extra Small (XS) sized socks start at a children’s size 13, we do not currently make kids socks. However, work on a kids’ range is underway – so stay tuned!
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Do you make pure merino wool socks?
While our 'Stringybark' 100% pure Millpost Merino Wool socks are currently out of stock, our Merino + Hemp 'Echidna' and 'Wombat' socks are a great alternative. They contain Australian merino wool, with a small percentage of hemp added for strength and durability.
In our Heritage and Tablelands Collections, we add a little nylon to the natural fibers used to allow for greater durability. Nylon can significantly prolong the life of a pair of socks, which means you need to replace your socks less often – a win for your wallet and the environment.
In our Luxury Collection, silk is added to the merino wool and alpaca fibers for strength, resulting in exceptional comfort and warmth.