Sizing FAQs



How do I work out my size?

In addition to the size charts at the top of each product page, Choosing Your Sock Size offers a range of tools to work out the right sizing and style for you. If there are any questions we haven’t answered, please contact us directly – we love talking about socks!


What’s the difference in men’s and women’s sizes?

All our sizes are unisex and designed to fit both men and women. 


I am between sizes, which sock size is right for me?

As a general rule, if you are between sizes, for example, you are a women’s 8.5 (Aus/US) or a men’s 6.5 (Aus/US) and are unsure whether a Small (S) or Medium (M) is the right size for you, we recommend selecting the Small (S) if you have a narrow or average width foot. If you have a wide foot, we recommend you go up to a Medium (M), to give a bit of extra room.


To assist you in choosing the right size for you, please see Choosing Your  Sock Size.


I’m trying to work out if I need to order loose tops. How wide do your socks stretch?

For the stretch circumference of all of our socks, as well as sock widths and lengths, please see our Sock Length and Circumference Table.


Do you make sizes for extra small or extra large feet?

Yes! Select styles and colors are available in Extra Small (XS). Our XS socks are knitted to fit a foot length of 18.5 - 21.5cm, or a children's size 13 - women's size 4 (AU/US). For our range of XS socks, please see Extra Small Socks.


Our Max socks are also available in Extra Large (XL). To shop our XL Max socks, please see Extra Large Socks.