Elastic-Free Loose Top Socks

Loose Top Socks Explained

Many of our sock styles are available in a Loose Top option, and we often get asked why.


For many people, Loose Top Socks are not necessary. Our standard socks are not particularly tight around the ankles, so they are comfortable to wear all day without digging in.


However, for people with diabetes, cold feet, circulation problems, swelling, wide ankles or mobility issues our Loose Top Socks can make a difference to their everyday lives.


So, how do we make our Loose Top Socks? 


Our use of traditional knitting machines means our socks are knitted in one continuous “sausage” of socks and then separated by hand. This method creates a constant tension ensuring we don’t have to start knitting each new sock with a tight band of elastic, which is how most mass-produced socks are made. 


All our standard socks include a small amount of elastic at the top to assist with fit. However, our knitting method means we can also choose to leave the elastic out altogether, allowing us to offer many of our sock styles in a Loose Top option. Pretty cool, huh?


But, won't they fall down? The good news is, no. We've found over the years that when the correct sock size and style is matched to your shoe type we can keep the sock in place. A little give but not too much stretch, combined with a well-rounded, deep heel made as close to a 90-degree angle as possible, keeps our socks anchored to your feet, so that even with a loose top they won’t fall down. 


So, what are the benefits of Loose Top Socks? The improvement in circulation achieved by wearing Loose Top Socks may be of benefit to people with diabetes. The moisture-wicking properties of wool can also help keep feet dry so that excess moisture doesn’t form a breeding ground for fungal infections. 


Our Loose Top Socks may also help people with a predisposition to chilblains, or those who simply have cold feet through poor circulation. Improved circulation through the Loose Tops, coupled with the insulating qualities and soft feel of wool, may help to bring some warmth back to their toes. 


People with wide calves and ankles, or swollen feet and legs find our Loose Top Socks stretch out well, are comfortable, stay up, and do not leave that irritating, itchy, red indentation in the skin around the ankle when they take their socks off at the end of the day.  


The elderly and those with restricted mobility also find that Loose Top Socks are much easier to put on with one hand. This can be an important aspect of maintaining independence and alleviating the frustration of struggling with everyday tasks. 


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If you have any questions, or would like further information about our Loose Top socks, please feel free to contact us - we love talking about socks!


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