Collection: Renew

At Lindner Socks we are committed to producing local, sustainable, ethical products, with as minimal impact as possible on our environment. 


Even though we pride ourselves on knitting long lasting socks, we have also considered the afterlife of our products. That’s why we have intentionally removed all elastic and nylon from our Renew Collection socks and accessories. 


The toe seams on our Renew collection socks are finished with our statement blue silk thread. It is our aim that once they have worn out and are no longer able to be repaired, they are biodegradable, and break down completely, without leaving any trace of microplastics.  


Millpost X Lindner 

Among our Renew collection is our Millpost X Lindner range, with all products made from 100% Millpost Merino wool. 


Millpost’s Saxon Poll Merino sheep are grazed on their biodynamic farm near Bungendore, NSW. The fine merino wool is then spun and dyed in New Zealand. 



Merino + Hemp

Our Renew collection also includes our Merino + Hemp range socks.


Made from Australian merino wool, with a little hemp added for strength and durability, these socks are comfy on your feet, and kind to the environment.