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Lindner Socks

Echidna Ribbed Merino/Hemp Loose Top

Echidna Ribbed Merino/Hemp Loose Top

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Sizing (Euro):


S: Women's 36-39.5, Men's 37-39.5 | M: Women's 40-43, Men's 40.5-44 | L: Men's 45-48

*Sizing will be correct after the first wash.


For assistance with sizing, please see: Choosing The Right Sock Size


From our Renew Collection and Merino + Hemp range, our 'Echidna’ ribbed, loose top Merino + Hemp socks are comfortable on your feet, and kind to the environment.


While they do not score high on the durability scale, as we have removed all elastic and nylon from our 'Echidna' socks, and finished the socks with our statement blue silk toe seam, they can be composted when no longer repairable.


Our 'Echidna' socks are also a Finalist in the Clean + Conscious Awards 2024.


The timeless ribbed knit provides superior comfort and improved airflow, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. 


Made from a blend of merino wool and hemp, these socks naturally wick away moisture from your skin, reducing the likelihood of smelly feet, and the need to wash the socks after every wear. 


Our 'Echidna’ socks should be paired with snug, well-fitted shoes, or they will wear out quite quickly. The absence of elastic and nylon also may cause the sock to become baggy on the foot, when worn as house or bed socks, or with loose fitting shoes.


If you're after a more hard-wearing ribbed knit sock, you may wish to try our 'Otto' or 'Otto' Loose Top socks.  


Fiber Composition: Merino Wool: 96.5% Hemp: 3.5%


For 'Echidna' sock lengths and maximum circumference, click here: Echidna Measurements



For Delivery & Returns and Payment Options please see below.

Delivery & Returns





International Shipping 

We offer free international shipping to the US, Canada and New Zealand on all orders over $100 AUD from our factory in Crookwell, Australia. Shipping is a flat rate of $15 AUD for all orders under $100 AUD.


We do not currently ship to other countries outside those listed above.


It is important to note that international purchases may incur taxes or import duties, upon arrival at their destination, specific to your country.


Shipping Timeframes 

International orders are dispatched from our factory in Crookwell, Australia via Australia Post International Standard within 3-5 business days (excluding pre-orders), depending on when we receive the order. 


To estimate delivery time to your location, please visit the Australia Post website.






Returns Policy 

We know that online shopping can be daunting, and we want you to be happy with your purchase.


Please see following our Returns Policy, including steps to return your Lindner Socks products.


Before considering a return for wrong size selection, please note, all our socks are knitted larger to allow for approximately 10% shrinkage on their first wash.


Please also read and follow care instructions on your sock labels as no refunds, replacements, or exchange will be offered for damage due to improper care.


We ask you to also note the following:

  • We remind our customers to choose products carefully, including using our Sock Guide, before placing your order. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Our Returns Policy is valid for 60 days from your date of purchase.



While all care is taken to ensure that only great quality products leave our factory. Occasionally, despite our efforts, a customer may find their socks have a fault. Refunds or exchanges are available for genuine manufacturing faults, up to 60 days from the date of purchase.


Here are the steps to follow, should you believe your Lindner Socks products have a manufacturing fault:


  1. Please email us at a photo clearly showing the fault, along with your name, contact details and order number. Please also advise whether you are seeking a refund or replacement pair.
  1. If the product is deemed to have a genuine manufacturing fault, we will arrange either a full refund, or a replacement pair to be shipped to you. In some circumstances where our production team may wish to investigate the fault further, we may also include a prepaid satchel with your replacement pair, and ask you to send the faulty pair back to us.


If the product is found to not have a genuine manufacturing fault, we will contact you to discuss the reasons why.


Exchanges/Refunds for Wrong Selection or Change of Mind

We understand that sometimes when products arrive, they are not quite what you expected.


That is why we provide exchanges and/or refunds up to 60 days from the date of purchase for wrong selection (i.e size*, color, style) or change of mind. However, please note, all returns must be in unused (ie. unworn), unwashed, and 100% original condition with all the original packaging materials. If this criteria is not met, the item(s) will be returned back to the customer, at the customer's expense.


For wrong selection or change of mind, items are returned at the customer's expense.


For wrong selection or change of mind we can provide a refund for the product, or an exchange of products of the same value. Currently, we are unable to exchange products of a higher or lesser value. In these circumstances, a refund will be arranged (less the postage cost).


*Please note, our socks are knitted to allow for shrinkage on their first wash.


Here are the steps to follow, should you wish to seek a refund or exchange in the case of wrong selection or change of mind:


  1. Before returning an item, please email us advising us the item(s) you wish to return, along with your name, contact details and order number. Please also advise whether you are seeking a refund or exchange. 
  1. Fill out our Returns Form and return it with your return/exchange item(s) to PO Box 20, Crookwell, NSW, Australia 2583. If you are requesting an exchange, please also include a stamped, self-addressed, prepaid satchel so we can send the replacement items to you.
  1. In circumstances where a prepaid satchel is not included, the customer will be invoiced for the postage costs.


If you have any questions about our Returns Policy, please contact us – we’re here to help!

    Care Instructions

    Due to the natural crimp in wool fibers, our socks will shrink up to 10% when first washed. We have allowed for this shrinkage with our sizing, which is why your new socks may look a little bigger than expected when they arrive.


    Caring properly for your Lindner products will ensure they last for years to come. 


    We’ve created a handy how-to guide below, to help you care for our socks, accessories and apparel.


    For further tips and information about caring for wool products, please visit the Woolmark website


    In addition to properly caring for your socks, there are a few key reasons that socks wear out quickly. To learn more see Reasons Why Socks Wear Out.






    To help care for your merino socks, they should be washed separately, or in a hosiery and lingerie wash bag so they do not catch on other garments.


    For all socks, excluding our 100% pure merino Stringybark* socks, we recommend a cold machine wash on a wool or woollens cycle setting, using a mild wool detergent. Faster cycles are better as some front loaders have long cycles and may even heat their own water, so beware it doesn’t get too hot.


    Alternatively, our merino socks can be hand washed using a gentle laundry soap.




    Tumble dryers and dry cleaning should be avoided, as they will cause your socks to shrink. Air drying in the shade is best, as direct, intense sunshine or drying close to heaters can also shrink the wool.


    If you have accidentally shrunk your socks, never fear, you can try to stretch them out whilst they are wet.







    When washing merino beanies, scarves, and tees and rugby tops we recommend following the same instructions for washing merino socks, as listed above.




    As with our merino socks, tumble dryers and dry cleaning should be avoided as they will cause your merino beanies, scarves, tees and rugby tops to shrink.


    Air drying in the shade on a flat surface is best, as drying on a clothesline or hanger can cause wool products to stretch and become misshapen. For best results, we recommend laying them on a clean, light or white lint-free towel. 






    As alpaca fleece is a hair fiber, our alpaca farmers recommend the best way to care for our local merino and alpaca blend and local alpaca products is to hand wash them in shampoo (any hair shampoo will do, as long as it doesn’t have color pigments).




    Tumble dryers and dry cleaning should be avoided when drying our merino and alpaca blend products to avoid shrinkage. As with our merino products, air drying in the shade is best.





    Storing wool products in dark cupboards over summer or if not used for an extended period of time makes them easy targets for wool moths or carpet beetles.
    As you reach for your favourite garment, it sometimes leads to finding a small hole or patch of holes. It looks like a manufacturing flaw initially but on closer inspection, pin sized holes reveal a slightly eaten patch of material that quickly falls apart when pressure is applied. To read more, please see Do Moths Really Eat Wool?
    To avoid pesky bugs, mold, and general wear and tear, it is recommended that wool socks and apparel are stored for extended periods in airtight vacuum sealed packs, 100% cotton or wool cloth bags (with moth balls or other pest deterrents) or sealed storage bins. Apparel should also be folded, not hung, to prevent it becoming misshapen.
    For further information about storing wool products, please visit the Woolmark website.


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