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At Lindner Quality Socks, we’re often asked why we have so many sock styles. While it’s perfectly fine to wear the same pair of socks with different shoes and in different environments, when you wear a traditionally crafted pair of socks knitted for particular conditions or shoe styles, you realise just how much more comfortable, warm and dry your feet can be. To learn more about how we make our socks, please click here.
So, what makes our socks different? The Lindner family sock-making history goes back almost 300 years, so over that time we’ve come to learn a thing or two about making socks! You can learn more about our story here.
Our socks are organised in categories to help you choose the right pair of socks for you, as quickly possible. Simply select from the 'Filter By' dropdown menu below.
All our socks are unisex, and suitable for both men and women, just match your shoe size to the Size Chart on each product page. For help choosing the right size and sock style, please see our Sock Guide.
Please note, due to the natural crimp in wool fibers, our socks will shrink up to 10% when first washed. We have allowed for this shrinkage with our sizing, which is why your new socks may look a little bigger than expected when they arrive.
If you have any questions, please contact us - we love talking about socks!